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Taking It Home Tour 2017


‘See My World is a fittingly accomplished, fourteen-track-long (including one remix) distillation of Skuthorpe’s considerable talents and innate connection to the sounds and expanses of this broad, burnt land’  The Music (AUS)

‘Pulsing, thought-provoking contemporary roots music from a man who clearly cares deeply about his country and his craft. Every time one of Glenn’s songs finishes, I always want to hear another to find out what else he has to say about the world surrounding him. See My World is an apt title for the latest album from a musician who has an obvious talent for telling great stories, about subjects that matter, in memorable, well-written songs.’ Michael Park, The International Americana Music Show (USA)

‘I’ve followed Glenn’s song writing for a while now. There’s a woody texture and earthiness in his voice and a flick in his guitar playing that appeals to me and an observation in his lyric that makes him an artist worth considering. Highly recommended.’ David Bridie (AUS)

‘Glenn Skuthorpe’s music is like an out-of-heart experience, a sad-gentle wind that lifts you up, allows you to soar, to coast, to feel the power of the truth carry you along with honest lyrics and heavenly licks – knowing that when you return to your heart: everything will be different.’ Peter Docker, Author (AUS)

‘With heartfelt lyrics and melancholy Celtic air you can almost smell the acrid smoke from a hundred campfires and see the blood staining the wattle.’ Cow Punk Quarterly (AUS)

‘Glenn’s strong and weather-beaten voice rings true…this man is a poet.’ Dave Steele (AUS)

‘…a style that is earthy, Australian and very much his own,’ Yarn Up Magazine (AUS)

See My World